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If I upgrade from Power to Business Account in the middle of the month/year, how will I be compensated for the remaining days in my Power Account?

If you decide to upgrade from a Power to Business Account, in the middle of your Payment cycle, you’ll automatically be refunded for the remaining days within 4 business days. If you have not stopped your power account subscription, it will...

What are the advantages of upgrading to a Business Account?

Toufee Business account, provides you access to all features of Toufee without any restriction. Apart from all the Power Account features, you’ll also get Advanced WYSIWYG Editor Unlimited Projects Unlimited Submission...

What are the advantages of upgrading to a Power Account?

Toufee Power account offers a lot of advantages and flexibility over a free account. With a Toufee Power Account, you’ll get:- Full length videos Access to Pro only themes Access to Pro Bonuses 25 Projects / mon...

How can I remove Toufee’s branding from my video after upgrading?

You can remove Toufee’s branding by simply re-publishing your project. It will automatically remove Toufee’s branding and one-minute restriction.

Will I need to recreate my projects after upgrading?

No. You can just re-publish your projects after upgrading to Remove Toufee’s branding and one-minute video length restriction automatically. You will not need to recreate your project.

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