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Can I download my video with a Free account?

Yes. You can download your project as a video without upgrading from a free account.

How many Project can I create with a Free Account?

With a free account you can create up to 3 projects per month.

How will I know if I do not have any projects remaining?

When you will try to create a new project, you’ll be automatically notified if you have reached your monthly project limit. You will also be notified through Timeline and Email when you can again create a new project.

Can I save more than one login for YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with a free account?

No. Your free account can have only one submission profile.

Can I access all the wizards with a Free account?

Can I access all the wizards with a Free account?

Yes. You can access all the wizards with a free account. The only wizard not available with a Free account is a custom video wizard. To use a custom video you need a Pro (power and business) Account.

How many themes are available for free accounts?

12 themes are available with Toufee’s free Account. Pro and Business Account have access to many more Pro only themes.

Can I use Advanced Editor with a Free Account?

No. Advanced Editor is only available for Toufee’s Business Account holder. You’ll need to upgrade to a Business Account to use Advanced Editor.

Can I add a watermark to a Free Project?

No. All free projects will have Toufee’s branding embedded with it. You are legally required to keep it intact.

Can I remove Toufee Logo from a free project?

No. all free project will have toufee watermark and branding. You cannot remove Toufee’s logo and branding from a Free project.

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