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Will I lose my Pro Bonuses if I cancel my billing?

Yes. All the Pro Bonuses are meant only for our Paying members. Once you cancel your billing, you’ll lose all your value added features including all your Pro Bonuses.

Can I purchase additional bonuses?

Bonuses are meant as a value added experience for our member’s and right now all our bonuses are offered to members based on their account history for Free.

How will I know when a new Bonus is added to my account.

As soon as a new bonus will be added to your account you will get notification for it. You will get notification for New bonuses through your Timeline and via email. Please make sure that you email preference allow receiving emails for new bonuses...

How can I know that which bonuses are available for my account.

You can check your existing bonuses by clicking on the My Bonuses link from your member’s Area menu. This will take you to your Bonuses page which will list all the available bonuses for your account.

What are Bonuses?

Bonuses are additional features and add-ons for your Toufee account. We will keep adding new bonuses for your account from time to time. These bonuses will enhance your Toufee experience.

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